Bach: The Complete Organ Music

Composers Bach, Johann Sebastian
Performers Fagius, Hans
Instruments Organ
Label BIS
Dear Customer,

we have been talking about it a long time now, and finally we've solved the technical problems and made it happen.

Bundling, or Digital Boxes, are there.

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These are collections that we have made up, mostly comprising Complete this or that and these collections we are selling at a fixed price.

As usual with BIS New Releases, some of the Boxes will be sold at a hugely advantageous price the first few days, until it finds its normal price, which anyway will be far below the sum of the regular prices for the tracks that make up the digital Box. These Boxes can only be bought in their entirety. If you want some parts of it, you must go to the individual releases.

First out will be an evergreen in the BIS catalogue: Hans Fagius playing Bach's Complete Organ Music, and with "Complete" we mean Complete. More than 20 hours of wonderful music, played in a historically informed way on several organs, particularly suitable for this music, including what could best be described as a dissertation on the music by the organist, himself a Professor of the Royal Danish Conservatory.

This has been a long way coming, and the technical challenges have been formidable, but now it is here, and you can expect quite a few exciting offers with time.

We do make it happen.


$ 89.95 USD

Included albums