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Vivaldi – Concertos for Strings

Orchestras / Ensembles
Catalogue numberBIS-1845 CD
Release date2011-10-10
Orig. sample rate44100Hz
Total time61:53

Limelight Magazine, January 2012: "Knockout playing full of excitement and tension from this Polish early music band".

It is a familiar fact that Antonio Vivaldi was a prime mover in the creation of the solo concerto, but what is less well known is that he also was the leading exponent of the older concerto a quattro – music in four parts, with several players to a part, intended for what we nowadays would call a string orchestra with continuo. As Vivaldi expert Michael Talbot explains in his informative liner notes, these works are notable not only for their beauty, but also for their experimental character and for providing the most important examples of fugal writing in Vivaldi’s instrumental music. It is not known when Vivaldi started to write them, but most of the almost fifty concertos probably originate from the 1720s and 1730s. They are recreational music par excellence, well suited to outdoor performance in gardens, but some of them may also have been played in various churches and theatres of Venice. This recording includes eight of the concertos, as well as the Sinfonia from the serenata La Senna festeggiante (The Rejoicing Seine) composed in honour of the young French king Louis XV, and the Sonata a 4 in E flat major ‘Al Santo Sepolcro’. The acclaimed Polish period band Arte dei Suonatori have made a number of highly regarded recordings, including a version of Handel’s 12 Concerto grossi Op. 6 which the international music press greeted with enthusiasm upon its release in 2008. It was ‘Orchestral Choice of the Month’ in BBC Music Magazine, received top marks in Diapason, and was described as ‘quite simply flawless and must be considered as a model for Handel interpretations of our time’ by the reviewer in the German magazine Toccata – Alte Musik Aktuell.
Extra material for download
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in C major, RV114 05:55
01 I. Allegro - Adagio 02:56 $ 0.62 USD
02 II. Ciaccona [Allegro ma non troppo] 02:59 $ 0.66 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Sonata a 4 in E flat major, RV 130 ‘Al Santo Sepolcro’ 04:16
03 I. Largo molto 02:15 $ 0.48 USD
04 II. Allegro ma poco 02:01 $ 0.45 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in G minor, RV152 06:14
05 I. Allegro molto 02:21 $ 0.50 USD
06 II. Andante molto 01:59 $ 0.42 USD
07 III. Allegro molto 01:54 $ 0.43 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in D minor, RV128 05:24
08 I. Allegro non molto 02:27 $ 0.52 USD
09 II. Largo 01:17 $ 0.26 USD
10 III. Allegro 01:40 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in D minor, RV129 ‘Concerto madrigalesco’ 04:18
11 I. Adagio 00:51 $ 0.19 USD
12 II. Allegro 01:48 $ 0.38 USD
13 III. Adagio 00:44 $ 0.15 USD
14 IV. (Allegro molto moderato) 00:55 $ 0.23 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Sinfonia in C major (from the serenata La Senna festeggiante, RV693) 06:59
15 I. Allegro 02:25 $ 0.52 USD
16 II. Andante molto 02:58 $ 0.63 USD
17 III. Allegro molto 01:36 $ 0.36 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in F minor, RV143 06:20
18 I. Allegro 02:46 $ 0.59 USD
19 II. (Adagio) 00:59 $ 0.21 USD
20 III. (Allegro assai) 02:35 $ 0.57 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in G minor, RV157 06:14
21 I. Allegro 02:10 $ 0.46 USD
22 II. Largo 01:48 $ 0.37 USD
23 III. Allegro 02:16 $ 0.50 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in E minor, RV134 06:02
24 I. (Allegro) 02:31 $ 0.54 USD
25 II. Andante 01:56 $ 0.41 USD
26 III. Allegro 01:35 $ 0.36 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Concerto in A major, RV158 07:45
27 I. Allegro molto 02:42 $ 0.57 USD
28 II. Andante molto 02:11 $ 0.47 USD
29 III. Allegro 02:52 $ 0.71 USD
  Album total 61:53
ComposerVivaldi, Antonio

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