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Jacobean Lute Music

Catalogue numberBIS-2055 SACD
Release date2013-11-10
Orig. sample rate96000Hz
Total time81:12

From the reign of Henry VIII and onwards, the lute and its practitioners enjoyed the patronage of the very highest English society. Henry played the lute himself, as did his daughter Elizabeth I, who during one period employed as many as five lutenists at her court. In 1603, when she was succeeded on the throne by James I, the tradition was maintained: with his appointment of John Dowland the king increased the number of royal lutenists, while his queen, Anne of Denmark, played the lute herself. This royal enthusiasm for the lute influenced the aristocracy, and an English style of lute music was established. A large corpus of solo music has been preserved, mostly in manuscript sources, from which Jakob Lindberg has made a personal selection. This includes obvious candidates – such as John Dowland and Robert Johnson – but also pieces by the enigmatic Cuthbert Hely, whose work only survives in one single lute book, and by a certain ‘Gauthier' – possibly Jacques Gaultier, who had fled to England after killing an adversary in a duel. The inclusion of this French lutenist also serves to highlight the abundance of French lute music in Jacobean sources, especially, as heard here, in the form of courantes. Another favourite genre in many lute books are settings, often anonymous, of Scottish folk music, and this is also reflected in Lindberg's selection. One of the foremost exponents of the lute and this repertoire, Jakob Lindberg performs the programme on what is possibly the world's oldest lute in playing condition, built in c. 1590 – and thus almost exactly contemporary with the music on this disc.
Extra material for download
  Composer: Dowland, John
  A Fancy
01 A Fancy 03:08 $ 0.77 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  Merry Melancholy
02 Merry Melancholy 01:33 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  A Galliard
03 A Galliard 01:54 $ 0.46 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  Walking in a Country Town
04 Walking in a Country Town 00:53 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  A Gigue 01:41
05 A Gigue 00:34 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Johnson, Robert
  Pavan 11:39
06 Pavan 07:23 $ 1.79 USD
  A Scottish Dance
07 A Scottish Dance 00:54 $ 0.22 USD
  Draw Near to Me and Love Me
08 Draw Near to Me and Love Me 01:06 $ 0.26 USD
  Hence to me Molly Gray
09 Hence to me Molly Gray 01:19 $ 0.32 USD
  A Scottish Tune
10 A Scottish Tune 01:52 $ 0.45 USD
  Scottish Hunts Up
11 Scottish Hunts Up 00:50 $ 0.20 USD
  Composer: Bacheler, Daniel
  Mounsiers Almain
12 Mounsiers Almain 06:31 $ 1.57 USD
  Composer: Hely, Cuthbert
  Fantasia 07:40
13 Fantasia 04:01 $ 0.97 USD
  Composer: Hely, Cuthbert
14 Saraband 01:02 $ 0.26 USD
  Composer: Dowland, John
  Battle Galliard
15 Battle Galliard 04:56 $ 1.20 USD
  Composer: Bacheler, Daniel
  Prélude 03:11
16 Prelude 01:36 $ 0.39 USD
  Composer: Bacheler, Daniel
  La Jeune Fillette
17 La Jeune Fillette 07:57 $ 1.91 USD
  Composer: Bacheler, Daniel
  Courante 05:11
18 Courante 01:25 $ 0.35 USD
19 Courante 01:40 $ 0.41 USD
  Composer: Gaultier, Jacques
20 Cloches 01:24 $ 0.34 USD
  Composer: Gaultier, Jacques
  Courante 05:11
21 Courante 02:06 $ 0.51 USD
  Composer: Bacheler, Daniel
  Pavan 11:39
22 Pavan 04:16 $ 1.04 USD
  Prélude 03:11
23 Prelude 01:35 $ 0.38 USD
  John Come Kiss Me Now
24 John Come Kiss Me Now 04:45 $ 1.15 USD
  Composer: Johnson, Robert
  Fantasia 07:40
25 Fantasia 03:39 $ 0.89 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  The Spanish Pavan
26 The Spanish Pavan 02:46 $ 0.67 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  A Gigue 01:41
27 A Gigue 01:07 $ 0.27 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  A Toy
28 A Toy 01:09 $ 0.28 USD
  Composer: Robinson, Thomas
  Row Well, you Mariners
29 Row Well, you Mariners 00:55 $ 0.23 USD
  Composer: Dowland, John
  Sir John Langton’s Pavan
30 Sir John Langton’s Pavan 05:24 $ 1.42 USD
  Album total 81:12
ComposerBacheler, Daniel
Dowland, John
Gaultier, Jacques
Hely, Cuthbert
Johnson, Robert
Robinson, Thomas
LuteLindberg, Jakob

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