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Catalogue number8558210-11
Release date2008-01-01

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$ 27.80
Disc 1
  Composer: Steiner, Max, Morgan, John
  King Kong (reconstructed J. Morgan) 03:46
01 Main Title 02:10 $ 0.39 USD
02 A Boat in the Fog 01:36 $ 0.29 USD
  Composer: Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
  The Adventures of Robin Hood 05:51
03 Main Title - Muted Fanfare 01:48 $ 0.32 USD
04 Sir Guy and Robin Hood 01:49 $ 0.33 USD
05 The Banquet 02:14 $ 0.40 USD
  Composer: Salter, Hans J., Morgan, John
  House of Frankenstein (orch. J. Morgan and W. T. Stromberg)
06 House of Frankenstein: Full Moon (reconstructed and
orchestrated J. Morgan and W. T. Stromberg)
01:16 $ 0.23 USD
  Composer: Deutsch, Adolph, Morgan, John
  The Maltese Falcon (restored J. Morgan)
07 The Maltese Falcon: The Deal (restored J. Morgan) 02:47 $ 0.50 USD
  Composer: Waxman, Franz
08 Rebecca: Selznick International Trademark (by Alfred Newman)
- Introduction - Foreword - Opening Scene
03:16 $ 0.59 USD
  Composer: Herrmann, Bernard
  Jane Eyre
09 Jane Eyre: Rochester 02:29 $ 0.45 USD
  Composer: Rozsa, Miklos
  Spellbound Concerto
10 Spellbound Concerto (Spellbound) 03:55 $ 0.71 USD
  Composer: Newman, Alfred
11 All About Eve Suite 04:38 $ 0.83 USD
  Composer: Tiomkin, Dimitri
  Red River 06:16
12 Main Title 01:29 $ 0.27 USD
13 Dunson Heads South 04:47 $ 0.86 USD
  Composer: Thomson, Virgil
  The Plow that Broke the Plains
14 The Plow that Broke the Plains: War and the Tractor 03:54 $ 0.70 USD
  Composer: Copland, Aaron
  The Red Pony Suite
15 The Red Pony Suite: IV. Walk to the Bunkhouse 02:57 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Bernstein, Leonard
  On the Waterfront
16 On the Waterfront (excerpt) 05:35 $ 1.01 USD
  Composer: Rozsa, Miklos
17 Ben-Hur: Prelude 03:41 $ 0.66 USD
  Composer: Williams, John
  Schindler's List
18 Schindler's List: Main title theme 04:24 $ 0.79 USD
  Composer: Williams, John, Hayman, Richard
  Star Wars, Episode IV, "A New Hope" (arr. R. Hayman)
19 Star Wars: Main title theme 05:23 $ 0.97 USD
  Composer: Goldsmith, Jerry, Hayman, Richard
  Alien: Main Theme (arr. R. Hayman)
20 Alien: Main Theme 04:44 $ 0.85 USD
  Composer: Barry, John
  Out of Africa
21 Out of Africa: Main title theme 03:54 $ 0.70 USD
  Composer: Vangelis, Vinter, Andy
  Chariots of Fire: Main title theme (arr. A. Vinter)
22 Chariots of Fire: Main title theme 03:31 $ 0.63 USD
  Composer: Elfman, Danny, Wasson, John
  Spider-Man: Main title theme (arr. J. Wasson)
23 Spider-Man: Main title theme 05:13 $ 0.94 USD
Disc 2
  Composer: Coates, Eric
  The Dambusters
01 The Dam Busters: The Dam Busters March 03:53 $ 0.70 USD
  Composer: Goodwin, Ron
  633 Squadron
02 633 Squadron: Main title theme 02:57 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Bliss, Arthur
  Things To Come
03 Things to Come: II. Interlude: The World in Ruins 02:37 $ 0.47 USD
  Composer: Addinsell, Richard, Douglas, Roy
  Warsaw Concerto (arr. R. Douglas)
04 Warsaw Concerto (excerpt) 03:33 $ 0.64 USD
  Composer: Arnold, Malcolm, Morgan, John
  David Copperfield (restored by J. Morgan)
05 David Copperfield: Mr. Micawber (restored J. Morgan) 02:10 $ 0.39 USD
  Composer: Walton, William, Palmer, Christopher
  Hamlet - A Shakespeare Scenario (arr. C. Palmer)
06 Hamlet: The Ghost 03:13 $ 0.58 USD
  Composer: Frankel, Benjamin
  Curse of the Werewolf
07 Curse of the Werewolf: IV. Revenge and Escape 02:58 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Vaughan Williams, Ralph
  49th Parallel Suite
08 49th Parallel: I. Prelude 02:13 $ 0.40 USD
  Composer: Nordgren, Erik
  Sommarnattens leende (Smiles of a Summer Night)
09 Sommarnattens leende (Smiles of a Summer Night): Dangerous
02:38 $ 0.47 USD
  Composer: Alfvén, Hugo
  En bygdesaga (A Country Tale) Suite, Op. 53
10 En bygdesaga (A Country Tale) Suite, Op. 53: I. Introduktion
02:55 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitry
  Odna (Alone), Op. 26 (reconstructed by M. Fitz-Gerald) 04:26
11 Reel 6, Attempted Murder of Kuzmina: Kuzmina Almost Freezes
to Death (beginning)
01:33 $ 0.28 USD
12 Reel 3, Kuzmina Arrives Alone in the Altai Steppes: Overtone
00:43 $ 0.13 USD
13 Reel 4, Kuzmina Starts Teaching the Local Children: The
School Class
01:02 $ 0.19 USD
14 Reel 7, Kuzmina's Rescue by Aeroplane: The Children Come to
Comfort Kuzmina
01:08 $ 0.20 USD
  Composer: Shostakovich, Dmitry
  Hamlet Suite, Op. 116a
15 Hamlet, Op. 116: The Ghost 03:40 $ 0.66 USD
  Composer: Prokofiev, Sergey
  Lieutenant Kije Suite, Op. 60
16 Lieutenant Kije Suite, Op. 60: I. The Birth of Kije 04:10 $ 0.75 USD
  Composer: Morricone, Ennio
  Il buono il brutto il cattivo
17 Il buono il brutto il cattivo: Main theme 02:52 $ 0.52 USD
  Composer: Honegger, Arthur
  Regain Suite II
18 Regain Suite No. 2: III. Nuit dans la grange - Ete 03:50 $ 0.69 USD
  Composer: Honegger, Arthur
  Crime et Chatiment
19 Crime et Chatiment: III. Depart pour le crime 04:57 $ 0.89 USD
  Composer: Ibert, Jacques, Ronsard, Pierre de, Arnoux, Alexandre
  Chansons de Don Quichotte et Chanson de Sancho
20 4 Chansons de Don Quichotte: No. 4. Chanson de la mort 03:08 $ 0.56 USD
  Composer: Ibert, Jacques
  Macbeth: Suite symphonique
21 Macbeth (Suite): Overture 03:19 $ 0.60 USD
  Composer: Auric, Georges
  La Belle et la Bete (Beauty and the Beast)
22 La Belle et La Bete (Beauty and the Beast): Les couloirs
mysterieux (Mysterious corridors)
03:37 $ 0.65 USD
  Composer: Takemitsu, Tōru
  3 Film Scores
23 3 Film Scores: No. 3. Face of Another: Waltz 02:20 $ 0.42 USD
  Composer: Ifukube, Akira
  Symphonic Fantasia No. 1
24 Symphonic Fantasia No. 1 (excerpt) 04:04 $ 0.73 USD
  Composer: Devreese, Frederic
  Un soir, un train
25 Un Soir, un Train …: Danse de l'Auberge (Dance in the Inn) 02:40 $ 0.48 USD
  Composer: Kilar, Wojciech
  Bram Stoker's Dracula
26 Bram Stoker's Dracula: Mina / Dracula 04:46 $ 0.86 USD
  Album total 154:26
ComposerAddinsell, Richard
Alfvén, Hugo
Arnold, Malcolm
Arnoux, Alexandre
Auric, Georges
Barry, John
Bernstein, Leonard
Bliss, Arthur
Coates, Eric
Copland, Aaron
Deutsch, Adolph
Devreese, Frederic
Douglas, Roy
Elfman, Danny
Frankel, Benjamin
Goldsmith, Jerry
Goodwin, Ron
Hayman, Richard
Herrmann, Bernard
Honegger, Arthur
Ibert, Jacques
Ifukube, Akira
Kilar, Wojciech
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
Morgan, John
Morricone, Ennio
Newman, Alfred
Nordgren, Erik
Palmer, Christopher
Prokofiev, Sergey
Ronsard, Pierre de
Rozsa, Miklos
Salter, Hans J.
Shostakovich, Dmitry
Steiner, Max
Takemitsu, Tōru
Thomson, Virgil
Tiomkin, Dimitri
Vaughan Williams, Ralph
Vinter, Andy
Walton, William
Wasson, John
Waxman, Franz
Williams, John
Alsop, Marin
Alwyn, Kenneth
Davis, Carl
Devreese, Frederic
Duinn, Proinnsias O
Falletta, JoAnn
Fitz-Gerald, Mark
Gil-Ordonez, Angel
Goodwin, Ron
Hayman, Richard
Leaper, Adrian
Lyndon-Gee, Christopher
Mogrelia, Andrew
Penny, Andrew
Stromberg, William
Wadsworth, Derek
Willén, Niklas
Wit, Antoni
Yablonsky, Dmitry
OrchestraBelgian Radio and Television Philharmonic Orchestra
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra
Moscow Symphony Orchestra
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Queensland Orchestra
RTE Concert Orchestra
Richard Hayman Orchestra
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
ProducerBatzing, Hans-Bernhard
Bett, International, Inc.
Gistelinck, E.
Khouri, Murray
Kopernicky, Karol
Niznansky, Emil
Walton, Andrew
Zagar, Peter
Zakar, Steven K.
EngineerClements, Mike
Curtis, Jim
Eschler, Thomas
Eyles, Geoffrey
Favoreel, Johan
Karasev, Alexander
Rhodes, Simon
Rowlands, Phil
Shakhnazarian, Edvard
ViolinEdelmann, Ulrich
Handy, Thelma
Simcisko, Viktor
PianoFowke, Philip
Saranceva, Ekaterina
ChoirCrouch End Festival Choir
Frankfurt Vocal Ensemble
Moscow Symphony Chorus
EnsemblePostClassical Ensemble
TenorVoropaev, Dmitry
Mezzo-sopranoKiknadze, Anna
ThereminBuchholz, Barbara
VocalsTongeren, Mark van
SopranoMataeva, Irina
Ondes martenotTchamkerten, Jacques
BassKiichli, Henry

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