Beethoven - The Complete Variations, Bagatelles & Clavierstücke

Performers Brautigam, Ronald
Instruments Fortepiano
Label BIS
Composers Beethoven, Ludwig von
BIS Boss Robert von Bahr: There is nothing new about this, but an opportunity! It is everything Beethoven wrote for piano (in this case copies of period fortepianos, all made by Paul McNulty), except the Sonatas (which can be found in a very nicely-priced bundle as BIS-2000). These are the 6 "other" records, incl lots of variation works like the Diabelli and more, all played by the inimitable Ronald Brautigam, priced as a bundle at half-price of the original records. An easy decision, unless you already have bought them singly. Discs 1 and 2 are 24/44,1, discs 3-6 are 24/96, all produced by Ingo Petry of Take5, the award-winning recording outfit.
$ 26.98 USD

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