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Dvorak: Svata Ludmila

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$ 20.37
Disc 1
  Composer: Dvořák, Antonín, Vrchlicky, Jaroslav
  Svata Ludmila (St. Ludmilla), Op. 71, B. 144 113:09
01 Part I: Introduction: Tmy vratily se v skryse skal a lesu
(The dusk departs to gloomy caves and forests) (Chorus)
08:12 $ 1.48 USD
02 Part I: Recitative: Vesno smava, Vesno sniva (Merry
Springtime, dreamy Springtime) (Tenor)
01:07 $ 0.20 USD
03 Part I: Kvety, jimiz Vesna vabi (Blossoms, with which Spring
allures us) (Chorus)
02:14 $ 0.40 USD
04 Part I: Svate jitro jest (Holy dawn and holy night) (Chorus) 04:24 $ 0.79 USD
05 Part I: Trihav, ktery patri troji tvari (Triglaw, thou with
three-fold countenance) (Chorus)
02:00 $ 0.36 USD
06 Part I: Recitative: Me srdce chvi se tlukem bournym dnes (My
heart is beating wildly) (Soprano)
02:22 $ 0.43 USD
07 Part I: Aria: Od detstvi ku oltari mne vodil svaty cit (When
young it was the altar I ever held most dear) (Soprano)
03:53 $ 0.70 USD
08 Part I: Vzdyt bozi s nami jsou, kam bludny krok se sine (The
gods are close at hand, where'er we stray and falter)
02:46 $ 0.50 USD
09 Part I: Sem rychle Vesny kvet, at sochu ovencime (Festoon
with flowers gay the statue of great Vesna) (Tenor)
01:35 $ 0.29 USD
10 Part I: Ky v pozadi to hluk? (What causes all that noise?)
01:42 $ 0.31 USD
11 Part I: Aria: Do prachu s vami! Jeden jest Buh! (Now kiss
the dust all! One God there is!) (Bass, Chorus)
04:02 $ 0.73 USD
12 Part I: Kdo onen muz, jejz nestih's nebe blesk? (What man is
this whom lightening will not fell?) (Chorus)
03:46 $ 0.68 USD
13 Part I: Aria: O dovol abych zlibat smwla tvych nohou prach
(I beg thee, only thy dusty feet My lips I would lay)
06:39 $ 1.20 USD
14 Part I: Recitative: Vstup v nitro sve, mym domem neni zeme
(Upon this earth thy search would be a vain quest) (Bass)
01:11 $ 0.21 USD
15 Part I: Vse lame se a borti v chaos tmavy (Now everything is
crumbling, all is chaos) (Chorus)
04:25 $ 0.80 USD
Disc 2
01 Part II: Introduction, Recitative and Aria: O, v jake sere
lesni stiny (Oh, in the fearful forest shadows)
07:28 $ 1.34 USD
02 Part II: Duet: Te ptam se te: co najit chces? (Pray tell me
now, what do you seek?) (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano)
03:44 $ 0.67 USD
03 Part II: Aria: Ja neklamal se, bud vitana, dcero! (No error
made, I welcome you, daughter!) (Bass)
03:00 $ 0.54 USD
04 Part II: Recitative: O doprej, at se v pokore dal cvicim (Oh
tell me, for humility I long now) (Soprano) - Trio: Tam
Kristuv kriz! (Behold Christ's Cross!) (Soprano,
Mezzo-soprano, Bass)
01:55 $ 0.35 USD
05 Part II: Vesele hvozdem, vesele polem (Gaily we pass through
field and through forest) (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Bass,
02:12 $ 0.40 USD
06 Part II: O jaky obraz oku memu se v stinu lesnim otvira!
(Oh, what a sight there in the shadows, and one that causes
me to fear!) (Tenor, Chorus)
03:47 $ 0.68 USD
07 Part II: Recitative: Ja bludne duse svetlu vracim (I led the
lost souls out of darkness) (Bass)
00:44 $ 0.13 USD
08 Part II: O neklamu se, chapu juz (I think, the truth I now
infer) (Chorus)
02:24 $ 0.43 USD
09 Part II: Recitative: Ach, ona, po niz srdce moje prahne (Ah,
it is she for whom my heart is yearning) (Tenor, Bass)
01:02 $ 0.19 USD
10 Part II: Aria: O, cestu ukaz mi, jak ji mam dobyt (Oh, show
to me the way that I must win her) (Tenor)
02:44 $ 0.49 USD
11 Part II: Recitative: O, kterak mohu zvednout k tobe zraku
(How is it possible to raise my eyelids) (Soprano)
03:07 $ 0.56 USD
12 Part II: O beda, nechce slyset jeho lkani! (Oh, heavens!
She'll not listen to his pleading!) (Chorus)
00:21 $ 0.06 USD
13 Part II: Recitative: Jak z krasneho snu nahle procitly (I
rudely awake from a perfect dream) (Tenor, Bass)
02:25 $ 0.44 USD
14 Part II: Ja hledala jsem zari toho jitra (For this new
shining dawn I am now searching) (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano,
Tenor, Bass, Chorus)
04:16 $ 0.77 USD
15 Part III: Introduction: Hospodine, pomiluj ny! (Mighty Lord,
have mercy on us!) (Chorus)
04:03 $ 0.73 USD
16 Part III: Recitative: Nuz pristupte, mnou vire vyuceni (Come
forward all to whom I've taught the new creed!) (Tenor,
01:26 $ 0.26 USD
17 Part III: Duet: O, nech juz skanout nad nasimi cely (Anoint
our foreheads with the holy water) (Soprano, Tenor)
03:33 $ 0.64 USD
18 Part III: Recitative: U cile stojim snahy sve a tuzby (Here
on the threshold of my aspirations) (Soprano, Bass)
02:16 $ 0.41 USD
19 Part III: Duchu svaty, sestup v nachu (Holy Ghost in royal
purple) (Bass, Chorus)
03:11 $ 0.57 USD
20 Part III: O znete, pisne, znete k nebes bani (Now let the
heavens echo with our anthem) (Mezzo-soprano, Bass, Chorus)
02:57 $ 0.53 USD
21 Part III: Hospodine, pomiluj ny! (Mighty Lord, have mercy on
us!) (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Bass,
06:16 $ 1.13 USD
  Album total 113:09
ComposerDvořák, Antonín
Vrchlicky, Jaroslav
TenorBriscein, Ales
Matis, Stanislav
ConductorBelohlavek, Jiri
ChoirBambini di Praga
Prague Philharmonic Chorus
BassMikulas, Peter
SopranoUrbanova, Eva
OrchestraCzech Philharmonic Orchestra
Mezzo-sopranoFink, Bernarda

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