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Seicento Stravagante - Music for Cornetto and Keyboard

How to express emotion through music from which words are absent? This album attempts to give an answer to this question. Through works by Italian composers from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the two members of Seicento Stravagante, David Brutti and Nicola Lamon, demonstrate the extravagant styles of early baroque music. During the decades surrounding 1600, the dominance of the human voice and of texts came to be replaced by the unfettered imagination of the composer/instrumentalists that allowed instruments to ‘speak’ on their own, and not only support a sung text.

At first the polyphony of the original vocal piece was simply supplemented with ornaments to compensate for the lack of text, but later, as the borders between vocal and instrumental music became quite fluid, the vocal lines would be transformed into virtuoso instrumental solos. By the third decade of the seventeenth century, composers and performers were developing a new and independent instrumental style, which allowed them to freely mix intricate polyphony, dance-like passages and emotionally charged musical phrases. Brutti perform this selection of works, published between 1584 and 1650, on three different types of cornetto, while Lamon alternates between a copy of a harpsichord from 1681 and no less than two historic organs, from 1578 and 1660 respectively.
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$ 15.12
Extra material for download
  Composer: Fontana, Giovanni Battista
01 Sonata Terza 04:33 $ 1.09 USD
  Composer: Frescobaldi, Girolamo
02 Canzon Terza detta La Lucchesina 04:07 $ 0.99 USD
  Composer: Padovano, Annibale
03 Toccata del Sesto Tono  04:28 $ 1.07 USD
  Composer: Castello, Dario
04 Sonata prima 04:33 $ 1.09 USD
  Composer: Gabrieli, Andrea
05 Canzon francese detta Qui la dira 05:39 $ 1.36 USD
  Composer: Kapsberger, Giovanni Girolamo
06 Sinfonia 13 02:07 $ 0.51 USD
  Composer: Falconieri, Andrea
07 La Monarca 03:00 $ 0.72 USD
  Composer: Rognoni, Riccardo
08 Ung gay Berger 03:21 $ 0.80 USD
  Composer: Notari, Angelo
09 Ahi, che s'acresce in me 02:18 $ 0.55 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
10 Canzona su partimento 01:43 $ 0.41 USD
  Composer: Dalla Casa, Girolamo
11 Susanne un jour 04:25 $ 1.06 USD
  Composer: Salvatore, Giovanni
12 Toccata seconda del nono tono 03:35 $ 0.86 USD
  Composer: Cesare, Giovanni Martino
13 La Foccarina 04:07 $ 0.99 USD
  Composer: Rognoni Taeggio, Francesco
14 Pulchra es, amica mea 04:45 $ 1.14 USD
  Composer: Fontana, Giovanni Battista
15 Sonata Seconda 06:40 $ 1.60 USD
  Composer: Marini, Biagio
16 Sonata per organo e violino o cornetto 03:38 $ 0.87 USD
  Album total 63:55
CornettoBrutti, David
HarpsichordLamon, Nicola
Castello, Dario
Cesare, Giovanni Martino
Dalla Casa, Girolamo
Falconieri, Andrea
Fontana, Giovanni Battista
Frescobaldi, Girolamo
Gabrieli, Andrea
Kapsberger, Giovanni Girolamo
Marini, Biagio
Notari, Angelo
Padovano, Annibale
Rognoni Taeggio, Francesco
Rognoni, Riccardo
Salvatore, Giovanni
OrganLamon, Nicola

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