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Hungarian Songs As Sung by Jozsef Dory

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$ 8.65
  Composer: Banyai, Aladar, Magyaradi, Jeno
01 Gyongyviragos kiskertedben (In your little lilied garden) 02:50 $ 0.51 USD
  Composer: Dory, Jozsef, Nagy, Endre Sz.
02 Azt mondjak, hogy szerencsem van (They say I'm lucky) 02:39 $ 0.48 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Anyos, Laci
03 Ennalam egy boldog ora (A happy hour with me) 02:14 $ 0.40 USD
  Composer: Dory, Jozsef, Csizmadia, Imre
04 Vadviragos reten (In the flowery meadow) 01:58 $ 0.35 USD
  Composer: Szalay, Frigyes Zalai, Koppanyi, Gyulane
05 Makvirag csardas (Poppy Csardas) 02:12 $ 0.40 USD
  Composer: Dory, Jozsef, Leszler, Jozsef
06 Eltuntek az almok (The dreams have flown) 02:39 $ 0.48 USD
  Composer: Balazs, Arpad, Berenyi, Ferenc
07 Csak meg egyszer tudnek hazamenni (Could I but go home once
02:40 $ 0.48 USD
  Composer: Cselenyine, Frici Fothy, Murgacs, Kalman
08 Az asszony, ha veszekszik (If the wife picks quarrels) 01:56 $ 0.35 USD
  Composer: Anyos, Laci
09 Sose lettem volna (I should never have been) 01:50 $ 0.33 USD
  Composer: Kadas, Gyorgy
10 Irt a babam (My sweetheart's written to me) 02:43 $ 0.49 USD
  Composer: Morvay, Karoly, Szigeti, Jozsef Szarka
11 Valamikor neked vittem (Once I took you) 02:22 $ 0.43 USD
  Composer: Kalmar, Tibor
12 Kiballagok a vasuthoz (I walked out to the railway station) 02:31 $ 0.45 USD
  Composer: Jarossy, Jeno, Bittermann, Belane
13 Puli 02:05 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
14 Befogom a lovam (Harness my horse) 01:20 $ 0.24 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
15 Aki a babajat igazan szereti (If one loves one's sweetheart
00:50 $ 0.15 USD
  Composer: Murgacs, Kalman, Kokay, Istvan
16 Hianyzik valaki (Someone's missing) 02:30 $ 0.45 USD
  Composer: Dory, Jozsef, Volly, Istvan
17 Kiskun csardas (Little Cumanian Csardas) 01:22 $ 0.25 USD
  Composer: Revffy, Lajos
18 Hogyha ir majd edesanyam (When you write, mother) 02:28 $ 0.44 USD
  Composer: Szilagyi, Bela
19 Rozsaszin az aga (Rose-coloured bough) 02:20 $ 0.42 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
20 Kilencet utott az ora (The clock struck nine) 02:11 $ 0.39 USD
  Composer: Angyal, Erno Kiss
  Cudar es a vilag (This world is wicked)
21 Cudar ez a vilag (Bad is the world) 02:28 $ 0.44 USD
  Composer: Dory, Jozsef, Keresztes, Mihaly
22 Szabadszallas hataraban (Confines of Szabadszallas) 01:56 $ 0.35 USD
  Album total 48:04
ComposerAngyal, Erno Kiss
Anyos, Laci
Balazs, Arpad
Banyai, Aladar
Berenyi, Ferenc
Bittermann, Belane
Cselenyine, Frici Fothy
Csizmadia, Imre
Dory, Jozsef
Jarossy, Jeno
Kadas, Gyorgy
Kalmar, Tibor
Keresztes, Mihaly
Kokay, Istvan
Koppanyi, Gyulane
Leszler, Jozsef
Magyaradi, Jeno
Morvay, Karoly
Murgacs, Kalman
Nagy, Endre Sz.
Revffy, Lajos
Szalay, Frigyes Zalai
Szigeti, Jozsef Szarka
Szilagyi, Bela
Volly, Istvan
VocalsDory, Jozsef
EnsembleAntal Szalai and his Gypsy Band
Beni Sarkozi and his Gypsy Band
Erno Bobe Gaspar Gypsy Band
Imre Magyari, Jr. and his gypsy band
Kalman Olah and his Gypsy Band
Lajos Boross and His Gypsy Band
Lajos Kathy Horvath and his Gypsy Band
Pal Sudi Farkas Gypsy Band
Sandor Jaroka and his Gypsy Band
Sandor Lakatos and his Gypsy Band
Vince Lakatos and his Gypsy Band

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