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Hungarian Tunes As Performed by Dezso Balogh and the Budapest Gypsy Orchestra

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$ 12.66
  Composer: Marthon, Geza
01 Az utolso falevellel (Along with the last leaf) 03:44 $ 0.67 USD
  Composer: Leszler, Jozsef
02 Szorja a nap aranysugarat (The sun is shining gold) 01:15 $ 0.23 USD
  Composer: Kovacs, Gyula
03 Folszallott a vadgalamb hazunk tetejere (The turtle-dove
flew on top of our house)
01:03 $ 0.19 USD
  Composer: Sallay, Mihaly
04 Csak ugy mondom maganak (I am just telling you) 00:40 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
05 Megmondtam egy piros rozsaszalnak (I told it to a red rose) 01:45 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Huber, Gyula
06 Hallod-e notaskedvu szep madar (Do you hear it hark, you
cheerful-singing bird)
01:44 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Sandor, Jeno, Keller, Dezso
07 Nem tudom az eletemet hol rontottam en el (I don't know
where I spoiled my life)
02:40 $ 0.48 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
08 Somogyban-Somgyban (In the Somogy, in the Somogy) 00:50 $ 0.15 USD
  Composer: Varady, Aladar
  Ahogy engem ver az Isten (Just as God will punish me)
09 Ahogy engem ver az Isten (Jast as God will punish me) 02:18 $ 0.41 USD
  Composer: Kondor, Erno
10 Kertes haz, benne egy nyilo rozsa (A blooming rose in a
house with a garden)
01:16 $ 0.23 USD
  Composer: Traditional
11 Arva vagyok, arva (I am, an orphan, an orphan) 00:48 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Kubanyi, Gyorgy
12 Most kezdodik a tanc (The dance starts now) 01:36 $ 0.29 USD
  Composer: Balazs, Arpad
13 Valakinek muzsikalnak (They make music to someone) 02:51 $ 0.51 USD
  Composer: Sallay, Mihaly
14 Este, ha lefekszik, almodozzon rolam (In the evening, if you
go to bed, dream about me)
03:23 $ 0.61 USD
  Composer: Papay, Lajos
15 Gyere velem akaclombos falumba (Come with me to my village
of locust trees)
01:25 $ 0.26 USD
  Composer: Danko, Pista
16 Csitt babam, jaj de jo volt az este (Hust, my baby, this
evening was great)
00:40 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: David, Istvan
17 Barackfa viraga (Peach tree flower) 02:15 $ 0.41 USD
  Composer: Mihola, Gyula
18 Van nekem szeretom egynehany (I have a number of lovers
01:24 $ 0.25 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
19 Hogyha egyszer a szivedben (If ever in your heart) 02:46 $ 0.50 USD
  Composer: Radics, Bela
20 Megallok a keresztutnal (I stop at the crossroad) 02:34 $ 0.46 USD
  Composer: Kubanyi, Gyorgy
21 Tagadom, tagadom (I deny it, deny it) 01:27 $ 0.26 USD
  Composer: Szabo, Kalman
22 Ejszakozo ember vagyok (I am a night man) 02:47 $ 0.50 USD
  Composer: Garami, Bela
23 Bementem a patikaba (I entered the pharmacy) 00:37 $ 0.11 USD
  Composer: Burka, Sandor
24 Halljatok ciganyok (Hear it gypsies) 01:10 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Sandor, Jeno
  Nem lehet azt parancsolni senkinek (You can't make anyone do that)
25 Nem lehet azt parancsolni senkinek (You cannot order anyone) 01:54 $ 0.34 USD
  Composer: Gomory, Sandor
26 Marosmenti fenyveserdo aljaban (On the floor of Pineforest
along the Maros)
02:41 $ 0.48 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
27 Maros vize folyik csendesen (Maros is flowing peacefully) 01:46 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Frater, Lorand
28 Ott ahol a Maros vize (Where the Maros River is bending far
00:39 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: Farkas, Sandor
29 Hajlik a rozsafa (Bending rose tree) 01:11 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Kalmar, Tibor
30 Azt mondjak a mennyorszagban (They say it in heaven) 02:56 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Cserkuthy, Sandor
31 Rozsafa bologat a kert kozepen (Rose tree nodding in the
middle of the garden)
01:47 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Gerber, Miklos Teghze
32 Cinege-cinege, cinegemadar (Tomtit, tomtit, tomtit) 00:41 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: Leszler, Jozsef
33 Vigyazz, mert megszur a rozsa aga (Careful because the rose
will prick you)
01:00 $ 0.18 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
34 A-moll friss (Fresh in A Minor) 01:11 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
35 Ha majd egyszer ugy erzed (If ever you will feel that way) 03:09 $ 0.57 USD
  Composer: Sandor, Jeno
36 Egyetlen egy boldog percre (Why wait for a happy moment for
so long)
02:51 $ 0.51 USD
  Composer: Varady, Aladar
37 Irtam tegnap a babamnak (I wrote to my babe yesterday) 01:50 $ 0.33 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
38 Gyertek ide budapesti ciganyok (Comer here Budapest gypsies) 00:42 $ 0.13 USD
  Composer: Sas, Naci
39 Szakadozott rongy vonodat (Your torn rotten bow) 01:26 $ 0.26 USD
  Composer: Akom, Lajos
40 Vege mar a daridonak (It is the end of the fun) 01:38 $ 0.29 USD
  Album total 70:20
ComposerAkom, Lajos
Balazs, Arpad
Burka, Sandor
Cserkuthy, Sandor
Danko, Pista
David, Istvan
Farkas, Sandor
Frater, Lorand
Garami, Bela
Gerber, Miklos Teghze
Gomory, Sandor
Huber, Gyula
Kalmar, Tibor
Keller, Dezso
Kondor, Erno
Kovacs, Gyula
Kubanyi, Gyorgy
Leszler, Jozsef
Marthon, Geza
Mihola, Gyula
Papay, Lajos
Radics, Bela
Sallay, Mihaly
Sandor, Jeno
Sas, Naci
Szabo, Kalman
Varady, Aladar
ClarinetBalogh, Dezso
OrchestraBudapest Gypsy Orchestra

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