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Hurdy-Gurdy Music Collection

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$ 11.79
  Composer: Anonymous, Mandel Quartet
01 Estampie - Stantipes - Molendinum de Paris - Saltarello -
Nota (arr. for hurdy-gurdy ensemble)
05:21 $ 0.96 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Mandel Quartet
02 Pange melos lacrimosum - Stella splendens - Nobilis, humilis
(arr. for hurdy-gurdy ensemble)
03:54 $ 0.70 USD
  Composer: Susato, Tylman, Mandel Quartet
03 Danserye: Basse Danse, "La morisque" - Allemande: Der
Bettler Tanz (arr. for hurdy-gurdy ensemble)
04:22 $ 0.79 USD
  Composer: Corrette, Michel
  La belle vielleuse (arr. for vielle a rue and organ)
04 La belle vielleuse: Que vous diraige maman (arr. for vielle
a rue and organ)
03:52 $ 0.70 USD
  Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio
  Flute Sonata in C Major, Op. 13, No. 1, RV 54 (arr. for vielle en luth ensemble)
05 Sonata in C Major, RV 54 (arr. for vielle en ruth ensemble) 12:16 $ 2.21 USD
  Composer: Delavigne, Philbert
06 Les Fleurs, Op. 4 06:35 $ 1.19 USD
  Composer: Traditional, Kiss, Gabor
  Oberek and Polka (arr. G. Kiss)
07 Oberek and Polka (arr. for hurdy-gurdy ensemble) 02:06 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Traditional, Mandel Quartet
08 Bedniye ptitsi (Poor birds) (arr. for hurdy-gurdy ensemble) 02:55 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Traditional, Sipos, Mihaly
  Transdanubian jumping dances (arr. M. Sipos)
09 Transdanubian jumping dances (arr. for hurdy-gurdy ensemble) 02:16 $ 0.41 USD
  Composer: Traditional, Csoori, Jr., Sandor
  Palots regional duet for bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy (arr. S. Csoori, Jr.)
10 Palots regional duet for bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy 02:54 $ 0.52 USD
  Composer: Traditional, Hamar, Daniel
  2 Fa kozott (Between 2 trees) (arr. D. Hamar)
11 2 fa kozott (Between 2 trees) (arr. for hurdy-gurdy
03:47 $ 0.68 USD
  Composer: Traditional
12 Kek ibolya (Blue violet) 03:49 $ 0.69 USD
  Composer: Okros, O., Traditional
  3 Rumanian Dances (arr. O. Okros)
13 3 Rumanian Dances (arr. for hurdy-gurdy ensemble) 05:39 $ 1.02 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Mandel Quartet
  Heiducken Danz - Hayduzky - Heidukken - Ungarischer Tanz -
Ungaresca (arr. for chamber ensemble)
14 Heiducken Danz - Hayduzky - Heidukken - Ungarischer Tanz -
05:45 $ 1.04 USD
  Album total 65:31
Corrette, Michel
Csoori, Jr., Sandor
Delavigne, Philbert
Hamar, Daniel
Kiss, Gabor
Mandel Quartet
Okros, O.
Sipos, Mihaly
Susato, Tylman
Vivaldi, Antonio
Hurdy-gurdyMandel, Robert
RecorderKallay, Gabor
RebecJakobi, Laszlo
TaborMarta, Istvan
ChimesRácz, Zoltán
TenorKeonch, Boldizsar
SymphoniaMandel, Robert
CelloJakobi, Laszlo
Vielle a rueMandel, Robert
OrganSpányi, Miklós
Vielle en luthMandel, Robert
HarpsichordMarta, Istvan
Bass drumJakobi, Laszlo
ViolinGyori, Karoly
Double bassKiss, Gabor
BagpipeCsoori, Jr., Sandor
Oszkar Okros Band
VocalsKallay, Gabor

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