J. S. Bach - The Complete Sacred Cantatas vols 21-27

Label BIS
Composers Bach, Johann Sebastian
BIS Boss Robert von Bahr: Box 3, containing Vol 21-27 of the Complete Bach Church Cantatas with the Bach Collegium Japan under Masaaki Suzuki. All the ingoing records have an (added) surround option at no extra charge, and 5 of them have retained their original 20-bit or 24-bit recordings.

Everything else has been upsampled to 24-bits which, in itself, does not give any added sound quality (not that you need it - the original sound in the wonderful Kobe Women University Church is seductive enough). Cheap from the outset, this Bundle saves you a further 50% on the original price of the ingoing CD:s. Enjoy!
$ 41.52 USD

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