The Sibelius Edition Vol. 12

Label BIS
Composers Sibelius, Jean
BIS Boss Robert von Bahr: It is my very great pleasure to bid you welcome to the twelvth volume of one of the two really magnum opera we have done: apart from the Bach Cantatas we have actually recorded every note he ever wrote, he being Jean Sibelius (but obviously omitting the ones he burned himself). This is the most exhaustive composer portrait in the history of recorded music. Everything is there, first versions, last versions, intermediary versions, variants, everything, recorded with the top artists in the world for just Sibelius. The Edition has been physically released in 13 boxes with 68 CD:s at a total playing time of 80 hours, 30 minutes and 1 second. It has received several international Awards, incl the Special Achievement Award by the International Classical Music Award Jury. The seventh Box/Bundle is here. In the Anniversary Year (150 years since he was born) of 2015 you will be treated to another Box every month up to the last one in December 2015. Pricewise this is how it goes: we will price every Box so that those who buy all 13 Boxes in the month of the release will pay together $363 for the whole thing - that is actually the same price as the Daily Deal, which means $4:50 per hour of music or half the usual price for single CD:s!! Every month, at the change of Box, the previous Box will increase in price with 20% to its official listed price. It is with a feeling of immense pride and happiness that I am in the position to offer you this. Please consider the following so that you understand what Sibelius has meant to my family: My Great-great-grandfather was a cantor and luthier who actually tended to Sibelius's violin in his early years, his son was a violist, music critic (with the pen-name "bis"), who premièred several works by Sibelius and, on top of that, became Sibelius's first music publisher! His son, my Grandfather, was solo cellist in the Helsinki Phil and also premièred several works by Sibelius (and often went on drinking bouts with him), and his daughter, my Mother, being prima ballerina assoluta at the Finnish Opera, several times danced for him, incl. the Valse Triste. And I hereby close the circle with this Edition. So this isn't just editorial, it is also deeply personal and I am proud that the Sibelius Family has put to my disposal absolutely all material they have access to. This is a unique project, at uniquely advantageous conditions, and here is Box 12, containing the Symphonies by Sibelius, played by the Lahti SO under Osmo Vänskä, incl. first versions, unknown versions etc. Enjoy!
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