Tubin Complete Symphonies

Label BIS
Composers Tubin, Eduard
Orchestras / Ensembles Gothenburg Symphony Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductors Järvi, Neeme
BIS Boss Robert von Bahr: A work of love, this. When I first met Neeme Järvi, in the early '80:s, he took me aside and made me listen to a tape of a recent performance of - something.

I immediately liked the music very much indeed, but I didn't have the foggiest what it was, Shostakovich-, Sibelius-related to be sure, but yet not. Very rhythmical, melodic, you name it. Then he said Tubin, and I said Who?

Turned out that the bloke was living within half a mile from my previous digs, was ekeing out an existence by being a music copier, and was the greatest symphonist Sweden has ever had, barring Allan Pettersson.

Neeme and I decided thenm and there to record his complete works, and started to plan. We decided not to tell him, but to surprise him with the first 2 volumes, and, of course, shortly before we could do that he died.

I learned something there.

So here they are, all of his completed 10 symphonies, and some other pieces thrown in at that. Really great music, performed by Neeme Järvi and different orchestras, a party teaser - play and let people guess - and a discovery, if ever there was one, all of these 5½ hours for a hair below 30 Dollars. Have fun!
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