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Weigl: Song & Arias

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$ 10.49
Extra material for download
  Composer: Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous
01 'S Mag sein (It Could Be) 01:35 $ 0.29 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Weigl, Joseph
02 Lasst uns im vertrauten Kreise (Let Us in Comfortable
01:08 $ 0.20 USD
  Composer: Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous
03 Reiterlied (Rider's Song) 01:44 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Weigl, Joseph
04 Trost an meine mutter (Consolation for My Mother) 06:25 $ 1.16 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Weigl, Joseph
05 Die tauschung (The Disappointment) 02:18 $ 0.41 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Weigl, Joseph
06 In questa tomba oscura (In dieser dunklen gruft) 01:25 $ 0.26 USD
  Composer: Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous
07 Il sogno (Der traum) 02:11 $ 0.39 USD
  Composer: Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous, De Gamerra, Giovanni
  L'amor marinaro ossia Il corsaro (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
08 L'amor marinaro ossia Il corsaro: Pria ch'io l'impegno
magistral prenda (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
02:07 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Treitschke, Georg Friedrich, Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous
  Ostade oder Adrian von Ostad (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
09 Ostade oder Adrian von Ostad: Nach dem Glanze, nach dem
Scheine (It's the Glitter, the Appearance) (arr. for voice
and fortepiano)
01:59 $ 0.36 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Weigl, Joseph
  Daniel in der Lowengrube, oder Baals Sturz (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
10 Daniel in der Lowengrube, oder Baals Sturz: Ach, auch konige
sind menschen (Ah, Kings Are People, too) (arr. for voice
and fortepiano)
01:43 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Treitschke, Georg Friedrich, Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous
  Das Waisenhaus (arr. for voice and fortepiano) 07:29
11 Die nacht entflieht (The Night Flees) 04:06 $ 0.74 USD
12 Was kummert mich des fremden gold? (What Care I for
Strangers' Gold?)
03:23 $ 0.61 USD
  Composer: Weigl, Joseph, Castelli, Ignaz Franz, Anonymous
  Die Schweizerfamilie (arr. for voice and fortepiano) 03:56
13 Wenn Sie mich nur von weitem sieht (Even if She Sees Me from
00:30 $ 0.09 USD
14 Vom weit entfernten Schweizerland (From the Distant Swiss
03:26 $ 0.62 USD
  Composer: Treitschke, Georg Friedrich, Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous
  Die Jugend Peter des Grossen (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
15 Die Jugend Peter des Grossen: Heil mir! Ich werde liebe
finden (Oh, Joy! I will Find Love) (arr. for voice and
04:25 $ 0.80 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Jouy, Victor Joseph Etienne de, Spontini, Gaspare
  La vestale (Sung in German) (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
16 La vestale: Schwort mir rache und verderben (Swear Revenge
and Ruin) (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
05:31 $ 0.99 USD
  Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, Anonymous, Metastasio, Pietro
  La clemenza di Tito, K. 621 (Sung in German) (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
17 La clemenza di Tito, K. 621: Schweigt, genug, O Quiriten!
(Enough, Silence, O Quirites!) (arr. for voice and
03:44 $ 0.67 USD
  Composer: Carpani, Giuseppe, Anonymous, Paisiello, Giovanni, Lorenzi, Giambattista
  Nina, o sia La pazza per amore (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
18 Nina, o sia La pazza per amore: Ah, di Nina il core (Ach,
Ninas herz) (arr. for voice and fortepiano)
03:27 $ 0.62 USD
  Composer: Weigl, Joseph, Anonymous, Bertati, Giovanni
  La principessa d'Amalfi (arr. for voice and fortepiano) 07:11
19 Forse Abbastanza (Der leiden fulle) 03:35 $ 0.65 USD
20 In qual barbaro cimento (In dieser harten prufung) 03:36 $ 0.65 USD
  Album total 58:18
Bertati, Giovanni
Carpani, Giuseppe
Castelli, Ignaz Franz
De Gamerra, Giovanni
Jouy, Victor Joseph Etienne de
Lorenzi, Giambattista
Metastasio, Pietro
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Paisiello, Giovanni
Spontini, Gaspare
Treitschke, Georg Friedrich
Weigl, Joseph
TenorGeorge, Donald
FortepianoMauro, Lucy

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