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American Percussion Works

24 FLAC Discount

American Percussion Works is a rare collection of seldom heard works each with specific rules or themes as basis for the compositions. In John Cage’s First Construction the principle is based on the figure 16. Alberto Ginastera’s work Cantata para América Mágica, used pre-Columbian texts based on the conditions of human life, with war, natural phenomena, daybreak, night and love. Lou Harrison mixes non-European forms which ‘follow the pattern of having a single melodic part accompanied (or enhanced) by rhythmic percussion’ in his Koncherto. Varèse’s Ionisation also enters a new land being his first solely percussive work where ‘he finds a new grammar for the language of music’
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$ 5.64
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  Composer: Cage, John
  First Construction (in Metal)
01 First Construction (In Metal) 08:16 $ 0.83 USD
  Composer: Ginastera, Alberto
  Cantata para América mágica, Op. 27 23:13
02 Cantata para América mágica, Op. 27: I. Preludio y canto a
la aurora
04:50 $ 0.48 USD
03 Cantata para América mágica, Op. 27: II. Nocturno y canto
de amor
03:31 $ 0.35 USD
04 Cantata para América mágica, Op. 27: III. Canto para la
partida de los guerreros
02:10 $ 0.22 USD
05 Cantata para América mágica, Op. 27: IV. Interludio
04:15 $ 0.43 USD
06 Cantata para América mágica, Op. 27: V. Canto de agonía y
04:45 $ 0.48 USD
07 Cantata para América mágica, Op. 27: VI. Canto de la
03:42 $ 0.37 USD
  Composer: Harrison, Lou
  Concerto for Violin & Percussion Orchestra 19:15
08 Concerto for Violin & Percussion Orchestra: I. Allegro
maestoso - Allegro vivace
07:52 $ 0.79 USD
09 Concerto for Violin & Percussion Orchestra: II. Largo 07:20 $ 0.73 USD
10 Concerto for Violin & Percussion Orchestra: III. Allegro
04:03 $ 0.41 USD
  Composer: Varese, Edgard
11 Ionisation (Live) 05:38 $ 0.56 USD
  Album total 56:22
ComposerCage, John
Ginastera, Alberto
Harrison, Lou
Varese, Edgard
EnsemblePercurama Percussion Ensemble
ConductorThorel, Jean
Anagnostidou, Aikaterini
Asmussen, Signe
Back, Christian
Bechmann, Daniel
Belli, Julian
Belloso, Victor
Bianco, Irene
Bodendorff, Marie-Luise
Carrara, Nicola
Colombo, Lorenzo
Fan, Gao
Flori, Matteo
Gasparini, Sara
Grodos, Bernard
Hebsgaard, Mads
Henriksen, Alexander
Jedynak, Michal
Johansson, Jakob
Jørgensen, René C.
Kaplan, Vladimir
Klingfors, Frans
Mehta, Neeraj
Nielsen, Klaes
Panagiotis, Basilias
Petersen, Nikolai
Ramos, Andres
Runi, Jan
Selles, Hugo
Strauch, Filip
Swinoga, Maciej
Szczepaniak, Tomasz
Söderholm, Johan
Tomczyk, Sisse
Vestergaard, Lars
Walentin, Niklas
Wnuk, Alexander
Ye, Tian
Yue, Zhan Long
LyricistToro, Mercedes de

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