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Bjorling, Jussi: Bjorling Collection, Vol. 6: The Erik Odde Pseudonym Recordings and Other Popular Works (1931-1935)

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$ 6.83
  Composer: Borganoff, Igor
01 Nar rosorna vissna och do (When the roses wither and die) 03:27 $ 0.35 USD
  Composer: Sylvain, Jules
02 Det ar nagot som binder mitt hjarta vid dig (Something is
tying my heart to you)
03:18 $ 0.33 USD
  Composer: Lindberg, Helge
03 Bagdad (Baghdad) 03:07 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Carsten, Bert
04 Varje litet ord av karlek (Every little word of love) 03:09 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Sahlberg, Sonja
05 Aj, aj, aj du (Now, now, boy) 03:05 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Lesso-Valerio, P.
06 Varfor? (Why?) 03:00 $ 0.30 USD
  Composer: Heymann, Werner Richard
07 Nagonstans pa var jord (Somewhere on our earth) 03:10 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Baumann, Erik
08 Lappar som le sa roda (Smiling Red Lips) 02:58 $ 0.30 USD
  Composer: Tognarelli, Umberto
09 Allting som ar vackert (Everything beautiful reminds me of
02:58 $ 0.30 USD
  Composer: Tilling, Erik
10 Kanske att vi pa samma drommar bar (Maybe we are dreaming
the same dreams)
02:57 $ 0.30 USD
  Composer: Reidarson, Per
  Sommarens melodi ar som poesi (Summer's melody is like poetry)
11 Sommarens melodi ar som poesi (Summer’s melody is like
03:06 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Sylvain, Jules
  Dina blaa ogon lovar…roda lappar ger (Your blue eyes
promise more than your red lips give)
12 Dina blaa ogon lovar...roda lappar ger (Your blue eyes
promise more than your red lips give)
02:52 $ 0.29 USD
  Composer: Lebeau, Alice
13 Karlekens sang (Song of Love) 02:57 $ 0.30 USD
  Composer: Ray, Lilian
14 Sag mig god natt (Say good night to me) 03:16 $ 0.33 USD
  Composer: Ammandt, Guy
15 Slut dina ogon (Close your eyes) 03:20 $ 0.33 USD
  Composer: Dahl, Adrian
16 Bachanal (Bacchanale) 03:10 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Nyblom, Carl Goran
17 Brinnande gula flod (Flaming golden stream) 03:05 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Almroth, Knut O. W.
18 Tangoflickan (The Tango Girl) 03:07 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Sylvain, Jules
19 Sag, att du evigt haller mig kar (Say that you will love me
for ever)
03:01 $ 0.30 USD
  Composer: Armand, Jacques
20 Var det en drom? (Was it a dream?) 03:09 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Christgau, Michael
21 Brollopsvalsen (Bryllupsvalsen) 03:03 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Enders, Georg
22 Lilla prinsessa (Little Princess) 03:01 $ 0.30 USD
  Album total 68:16
ComposerAlmroth, Knut O. W.
Ammandt, Guy
Armand, Jacques
Baumann, Erik
Borganoff, Igor
Carsten, Bert
Christgau, Michael
Dahl, Adrian
Enders, Georg
Heymann, Werner Richard
Lebeau, Alice
Lesso-Valerio, P.
Lindberg, Helge
Nyblom, Carl Goran
Ray, Lilian
Reidarson, Per
Sahlberg, Sonja
Sylvain, Jules
Tilling, Erik
Tognarelli, Umberto
TenorBjorling, Jussi
Odde (pseud. of Jussi Bjorling), Erik
ConductorAndersson, Folke
Bingang, Hanns
Eichwald, Hakan von
Meissner, Hjalmar
Waldimir, Sune
Warny, Jens
Winter, Fred
OrchestraFolke Andersson Orchestra
Fred Winter Orchestra
Gosta Safbom Soloist Orchestra
HMV Orchestra
Hakan von Eichwald Orchestra
Hanns Bingang Orchestra
Hjalmar Meissner Orchestra
Jens Warny Orchestra
Sune Waldimirs Orchestra

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