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Die 32 Nationalhymnen zur Weltmeisterschaft in Brasilien

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$ 5.87
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  Composer: Fawzi, Mohamed, Breiner, Peter
  Algeria ["We swear by the lightning that destroys…"] (arr. P. Breiner)
01 Algeria ["We swear by the lightning that destroys…"] 02:48 $ 0.28 USD
  Composer: Parera, Jose Blas, Breiner, Peter
02 Argentina [Himno Nacional Argentino (Argentine National
Anthem), "Mortals! Hear the sacred cry…"]
03:22 $ 0.34 USD
  Composer: McCormick, Peter Dodds, Breiner, Peter
  Australians all, let us rejoice (Australia)
03 Australia [Advance Australia Fair, "Australians all, let us
01:56 $ 0.19 USD
  Composer: Campenhout, Francois van, Breiner, Peter
  Belgium (arr. P. Breiner)
04 Belgium [La Brabanconne (The Song of Brabant), "Noble
Belgium, for ever a dear land…"]
01:02 $ 0.10 USD
  Composer: Sestic, Dusan, Breiner, Peter
05 Bosnia and Herzegovina [Drzavna himna Bosne i Hercegovine
(The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina)] (1999
01:36 $ 0.16 USD
  Composer: Silva, Francisco Manoel da, Breiner, Peter
06 Brazil [Hino Nacional Brasilerio (National Anthem of
Brazil), "There was heard…"]
03:50 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Battle, Ramon Carnicer y, Breiner, Peter
  Chile, your sky… (Chile) (arr. P. Breiner)
07 Chile [Himno Nacional de Chile (National Anthem of Chile),
"Chile, your sky…"]
02:06 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Gutierrez, Manuel Maria, Breiner, Peter
  Costa Rica
08 Costa Rica [Himno Nacional (National Anthem), "Noble
homeland, your beautiful flag…"]
01:26 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Breiner, Peter, Haydn, Franz Joseph
  Das Lied der Deutschen (The Song of the German People)
(Germany) (arr. P. Breiner)
09 Germany [Lied der Deutschen (Song of the Germans)] 01:25 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Neumane, Antonio, Breiner, Peter
10 Ecuador [Himno Nacional del Ecuador (National Anthem of
Ecuador), "The worthy sons…"]
02:39 $ 0.27 USD
  Composer: Pango, Pierre Michel, Coty, Pierre Marie, Breiner, Peter
  Ivory Coast (arr. P. Breiner)
11 Ivory Coast [L'Abidjanaise (Song of Abidjan), "We salute
you, O land of hope"]
01:15 $ 0.13 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Breiner, Peter
  God Save the Queen (Great Britain) (arr. P. Breiner)
12 Great Britain [God Save the Queen, "God save our gracious
01:26 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Rouget de Lisle, Claude-Joseph, Breiner, Peter
  La Marseillaise (The March of Marseille) (France) (arr. P. Breiner)
13 France [La Marseillaise (The March of Marseille), "Arise,
children of the fatherland…"]
01:05 $ 0.11 USD
  Composer: Gbeho, Philip, Breiner, Peter
  Ghana (arr. P. Breiner)
14 Ghana [God Bless Our Homeland Ghana] 00:58 $ 0.10 USD
  Composer: Mantzaros, Nikolaos Halikiopoulos, Breiner, Peter
  I shall always recognise you (Greece)
15 Greece [Ymnos eis tin Eleftherian (Hymn to Freedom), "I
shall always recognise you…"]
00:53 $ 0.09 USD
  Composer: Hartling, Carlos, Breiner, Peter
  Honduras ["Like an Indian maiden you were sleeping…"] (arr. P. Breiner)
16 Honduras ["Like an Indian maiden you were sleeping…"] 03:00 $ 0.30 USD
  Composer: Riahi, Hassan, Breiner, Peter
17 Iran ["Upwards on the horizon rises the Eastern Sun…"] 01:10 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: Novaro, Michele, Breiner, Peter
18 Italy [Il Canto degli Italiani (The Song of the Italians),
"Italian Brother, Italy has awakened…"]
01:47 $ 0.18 USD
  Composer: Hayashi, Hiromori, Breiner, Peter
  Japan [Kimigayo (His Majesty's Reign), "May thy peaceful
reign last long!…"] (arr. P. Breiner)
19 Japan [Kimigayo (His Majesty's Reign), "May your reign
continue for a thousand, eight thousand generations…"]
01:00 $ 0.10 USD
  Composer: Afame, Rene Djam, Breiner, Peter
  O Cameroon, thou cradle… (Cameroon) (arr. P. Breiner)
20 Cameroon [O Cameroun, Berceau de nos Ancestres (O Cameroon,
Cradle of our Forefathers), "O Cameroon cradle of our
01:02 $ 0.10 USD
  Composer: Sindici, Oreste, Breiner, Peter
  The fearful night came to an end (Colombia) (arr. P. Breiner)
21 Colombia [Himno Nacional (National Anthem), "The fearful
night came to an end…"]
02:39 $ 0.27 USD
  Composer: Runjanin, Josip, Breiner, Peter
22 Croatia ["Our beautiful homeland…"] 01:05 $ 0.11 USD
  Composer: Nuno, Jaime, Breiner, Peter
23 Mexico [Himno Nacional Mexicano, "Mexicans, at the cry of
01:24 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Breiner, Peter
  Het Wilhelmus (The Wilhelmus), William of Nassau am I, of
Germanic descent… (Netherlands) (arr. P. Breiner)
24 Netherlands [Het Wilhelmus (The William), "William of Nassau
an I, of Germanic descent…"]
00:57 $ 0.10 USD
  Composer: Odiase, Benedict Elide, Breiner, Peter
25 Nigeria ["Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey…"] 02:02 $ 0.20 USD
  Composer: Keil, Alfredo, Breiner, Peter
  Portugal [A Portuguesa (The Portuguese), "Heroes of the sea, noble race…"]
26 Portugal [A Portuguesa (The Song of the Portuguese), "Heroes
of the sea, noble race…"]
01:15 $ 0.13 USD
  Composer: Alexandrov, Alexander Vasil'yevich, Breiner, Peter
  Russia, you are our sacred Power! (short version) (Russia) (arr. P. Breiner)
27 Russia [Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii, "Russia,
you are our sacred Power!…"] (2001 onwards)
01:12 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: Zwyssig, Alberich, Breiner, Peter
  Schweizerpsalm (Switzerland) (arr. P. Breiner)
28 Switzerland [Schweizerpsalm, Cantique Suisse, Cantico
Svizzero (Swiss Psalm), "When the morning…"]
01:22 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Breiner, Peter
  Gloria, gloria (Spain) (arr. P. Breiner)
29 Spain [Himno Nacional Espanol (Spanish National Anthem),
"Gloria, gloria…"]
02:01 $ 0.20 USD
  Composer: Ahn, Eak Tay, Breiner, Peter
30 Korea, South [Aegukga (Patriotic Hymn), "Tong-Hai Sea and
Pakdoo Mountain…"]
00:56 $ 0.09 USD
  Composer: Debali, Francisco Jose, Breiner, Peter
  Eastern landsmen, our country or the tomb! (Uruguay) (arr. P. Breiner)
31 Uruguay ["Eastern landsmen, our country or the tomb!"] 05:05 $ 0.51 USD
  Composer: Smith, John Stafford, Breiner, Peter
  The Star Spangled Banner (United States of America) (arr. P. Breiner)
32 United States of America [The Star-Spangled Banner, "O say,
can you see…"]
02:57 $ 0.30 USD
  Album total 58:41
ComposerAfame, Rene Djam
Ahn, Eak Tay
Alexandrov, Alexander Vasil'yevich
Battle, Ramon Carnicer y
Breiner, Peter
Campenhout, Francois van
Coty, Pierre Marie
Debali, Francisco Jose
Fawzi, Mohamed
Gbeho, Philip
Gutierrez, Manuel Maria
Hartling, Carlos
Hayashi, Hiromori
Haydn, Franz Joseph
Keil, Alfredo
Mantzaros, Nikolaos Halikiopoulos
McCormick, Peter Dodds
Neumane, Antonio
Novaro, Michele
Nuno, Jaime
Odiase, Benedict Elide
Pango, Pierre Michel
Parera, Jose Blas
Riahi, Hassan
Rouget de Lisle, Claude-Joseph
Runjanin, Josip
Sestic, Dusan
Silva, Francisco Manoel da
Sindici, Oreste
Smith, John Stafford
Zwyssig, Alberich
OrchestraSlovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra
ConductorBreiner, Peter
EngineerNopp, Otto

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