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Symphonic Rock

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$ 34.46
Disc 1
  Composer: Hewson, Paul, Clayton, Adam, Evans, David, Mullen, Jr., Larry, Freeman, Matthew
01 Beautiful Day (arr. M. Freeman) 04:14 $ 0.76 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Gallagher, Noel
02 Champagne Supernova (arr. M. Townend) 05:38 $ 1.01 USD
  Composer: Abo, Michael D', Gascoigne
03 Handbags And Gladrags (arr. Gascoigne) 04:52 $ 0.88 USD
  Composer: Freeman, Matthew, Healy, Francis
04 Why Does It Always Rain On Me (arr. M. Freeman) 03:30 $ 0.63 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Bongiovi, Jr., John Francis, Sambora, Richie, Child, Desmond
05 Livin' On A Prayer (arr. M. Townend) 05:04 $ 0.91 USD
  Composer: Clapton, Eric, Townend, Mike, Gordon, Jim
06 Layla (arr. M. Townend) 02:54 $ 0.52 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Plant, Robert, Page, Jimmy
07 Stairway To Heaven (arr. M. Townend) 06:16 $ 1.13 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Steinman, Jim
08 Bat Out of Hell (arr. M. Townend) 06:28 $ 1.16 USD
  Composer: Adams, Bryan, Vallance, Jim, Freeman, Matthew
09 Run to You (arr. M. Freeman) 03:30 $ 0.63 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Decker, Carol, Rogers, Ron
10 China in Your Hand (arr. M. Townend) 03:45 $ 0.68 USD
  Composer: Previn, André, Cutler, Scott, Freeman, Matthew, Thornalley, Phil
11 Torn (arr. M. Freeman) 04:30 $ 0.81 USD
  Composer: Jagger, Mick, Richards, Keith, Freeman, Matthew
12 Bittersweet Symphony (arr. M. Freeman) 03:40 $ 0.66 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Wilson, Brian, Love, Mick
13 Good Vibrations (arr. M. Townend) 04:35 $ 0.83 USD
  Composer: Mercury, Freddie, Townend, Mike
14 Bohemian Rhapsody (arr. M. Townend) 06:31 $ 1.17 USD
Disc 2
  Composer: Freeman, Matthew, Jones, Norah
01 Come Away With Me (arr. M. Freeman) 03:34 $ 0.64 USD
  Composer: Martin, Max, Freeman, Matthew, Champion, Will, Berryman, Guy, Buckland, Jonny
02 Yellow (arr. M. Freeman) 05:22 $ 0.97 USD
  Composer: Armstrong, Dido, Statham, Paul, Gabriel, Pascal
03 Here With Me (arr. M. Freeman) 04:17 $ 0.77 USD
  Composer: Barry, John, Freeman, Matthew, Chambers, Guy, Williams, Robbie
04 Millennium (arr. M. Freeman) 03:51 $ 0.69 USD
  Composer: Taylor, Steve, Freeman, Matthew, Iglesias, Enrique
05 Hero (arr. M. Freeman) 04:16 $ 0.77 USD
  Composer: Corr, Andrea, Corr, Caroline, Corr, Sharon, Corr, Jim, Freeman, Matthew
06 What Can I Do (arr. M. Freeman) 04:06 $ 0.74 USD
  Composer: Hector, Wayne, Freeman, Matthew, Studdard, Ruben, Mac, Steve
07 Flying Without Wings (arr. M. Freeman) 03:19 $ 0.60 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Buck, Peter, Berry, Bill, Mills, Mike, Stipe, Michael
08 Everybody Hurts (arr. M. Townend) 04:58 $ 0.89 USD
  Composer: Sting, Townend, Mike
09 Every Breath You Take (arr. M. Townend) 04:12 $ 0.76 USD
  Composer: Lennon, John, McCartney, Paul, Townend, Mike
10 Let It Be (arr. M. Townend) 04:58 $ 0.89 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Brooker, Gary, Reid, Keith
11 A Whiter Shade of Pale (arr. M. Townend) 04:29 $ 0.81 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Haywood, Justin
12 Nights In White Satin (arr. M. Townend) 04:15 $ 0.77 USD
  Composer: John, Elton, Taupin, Bernie, Freeman, Matthew
13 Candle in the Wind (arr. M. Freeman) 04:08 $ 0.74 USD
  Composer: Lennon, John, Townend, Mike
14 Imagine (arr. M. Townend) 04:13 $ 0.76 USD
Disc 3
  Composer: Copland, Aaron, Townend, Mike
01 Fanfare for the Common Man (arr. M. Townend) 02:56 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Berryman, Guy, Martin, Chris, Buckland, Jonny
02 Fix You (arr. M. Townend) 05:52 $ 1.06 USD
  Composer: Arnold, David, Knight, Holy, Chapman, Mike
03 Simply the Best (arr. D. Arnold) 03:49 $ 0.69 USD
  Composer: Freeman, Matthew, Chambers, Guy, Williams, Robbie
04 Angels (arr. M. Freeman) 04:38 $ 0.83 USD
  Composer: Jagger, Mick, Richards, Keith, Townend, Mike
05 Stoned: An Orchestral Tribute to the Rolling Stones (arr. M.
10:56 $ 1.97 USD
  Composer: Simon, Paul, Townend, Mike
06 Bridge Over Troubled Water (arr. M. Townend) 04:52 $ 0.88 USD
  Composer: Arnold, David, Temperton, Rod
07 Thriller (arr. D. Arnold) 04:07 $ 0.74 USD
  Composer: Michael, George, Townend, Mike, Ridgeley, Andrew
08 Careless Whisper (arr. M. Townend) 04:53 $ 0.88 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Williams, Mason
09 Classical Gas (arr. M. Townend) 03:32 $ 0.64 USD
  Composer: Mercury, Freddie, Arnold, David
10 One Vision (arr. D. Arnold) 03:53 $ 0.70 USD
  Composer: Townend, Mike, Gallagher, Noel
11 Wonderwall (arr. M. Townend) 04:19 $ 0.78 USD
  Composer: Henley, Larry, Silbar, Jeff, Arnold, David
  Wind Beneath My Wings (arr. D. Arnold)
12 The wind beneath my wings (arr. D. Arnold) 03:58 $ 0.71 USD
  Composer: Freeman, Matthew, Gray, David
13 Babylon (arr. M. Freeman) 04:07 $ 0.74 USD
  Composer: Mercury, Freddie, Townend, Mike
14 We Are the Champions (arr. M. Townend) 04:09 $ 0.75 USD
  Album total 191:26
ComposerAbo, Michael D'
Adams, Bryan
Armstrong, Dido
Arnold, David
Barry, John
Berry, Bill
Berryman, Guy
Bongiovi, Jr., John Francis
Brooker, Gary
Buck, Peter
Buckland, Jonny
Chambers, Guy
Champion, Will
Chapman, Mike
Child, Desmond
Clapton, Eric
Clayton, Adam
Copland, Aaron
Corr, Andrea
Corr, Caroline
Corr, Jim
Corr, Sharon
Cutler, Scott
Decker, Carol
Evans, David
Freeman, Matthew
Gabriel, Pascal
Gallagher, Noel
Gordon, Jim
Gray, David
Haywood, Justin
Healy, Francis
Hector, Wayne
Henley, Larry
Hewson, Paul
Iglesias, Enrique
Jagger, Mick
John, Elton
Jones, Norah
Knight, Holy
Lennon, John
Love, Mick
Mac, Steve
Martin, Chris
Martin, Max
McCartney, Paul
Mercury, Freddie
Michael, George
Mills, Mike
Mullen, Jr., Larry
Page, Jimmy
Plant, Robert
Previn, André
Reid, Keith
Richards, Keith
Ridgeley, Andrew
Rogers, Ron
Sambora, Richie
Silbar, Jeff
Simon, Paul
Statham, Paul
Steinman, Jim
Stipe, Michael
Studdard, Ruben
Taupin, Bernie
Taylor, Steve
Temperton, Rod
Thornalley, Phil
Townend, Mike
Vallance, Jim
Williams, Mason
Williams, Robbie
Wilson, Brian
OrchestraRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra
ConductorArnold, David
Freeman, Matthew

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