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World's first download music store with per-second charging.

We thought the music business needed a new pricing model. In any of today’s common music websites, customers pay per track, regardless of how long the track is, up to a limit - then they pay double, triple or more, depending on some rules that make sense to those who decide on the pricing, but that leave customers quite confused and unsure of what they get for their money. Or often, it is a fixed album price, regardless if it is 39 minutes or 82. Hmm…

It's the same with postage. I know it's not only me that gets irritated when one has to pay double postage just because the letter weighs 21 grammes, 1 gram over the 20 gram limit. So, for this 1 gram one pays the postage for a further 29 grammes, since the next limit is 50 grammes.

At eClassical we have decided to rethink the whole pricing system, and so from now on, you pay for precisely what you buy, not more, not less. This is done by charging per second, and the charge is set at a level where a normal album will not be more expensive than before, rather very often the contrary. The per second price in US$ is 0.2-0.3 cent/sec, which works out at 8.40-12.60 for a 70-minute album. In 24-bit these numbers are 0.3-0.55 cents/sec or 12.60-23.10 for a 70-minute album.

So you can forget about tracks and track durations, or albums and their durations. You can just buy whatever you want to have, from any album, and, the way this works out, you get what you pay for!


George Olvik

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