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Swedish Choral Favourites, Vol. 1 - Glädjens Blomster

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$ 4.98
  Composer: Stenhammar, Wilhelm
  Ett folk, Op. 22 (version for a cappella chorus)
01 Ett folk, Op. 22: Sverige (Sweden) (version for a cappella
03:05 $ 0.31 USD
  Composer: Wennerberg, Gunnar
  Gluntarne: XXV. Examenssexa pa Eklundshof (The Graduate Party at Eklundshof)
02 Gluntarne: No. 25. Examenssexa pa Eklundshof (The Graduate
Party at Eklundshof)
02:04 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Kleen, Emil, Wikander, David
  Dofta, dofta, vit syren
03 Dofta, dofta vit syren (The Fragrance of White Lilac) 01:35 $ 0.16 USD
  Composer: Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm, Nyblom, Helena
  I furuskogen (In the Pine Forest)
04 I furuskogen (In the Pine Forest) (arr. for mixed choir) 01:11 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: Alfvén, Hugo, Traditional
05 Och jungfrun hon gar i ringen (A Maiden in the Ring) (arr.
H. Alfven)
01:32 $ 0.15 USD
  Composer: Traditional, Alfvén, Hugo
  Gladjens blomster (The Flowers of Joy)
06 Gladjens blomster (The Flowers of Joy) (arr. H. Alfven) 02:09 $ 0.22 USD
  Composer: Lindblad, Adolf Fredrik
  Om Winterqvall (Of a Winter's Eve)
07 Om winterqvall (Of a Winter's Eve): En sommarafton (Summer
02:45 $ 0.28 USD
  Composer: Hakanson, Knut, Columbus, Samuel
  4 Madrigals, Op. 36
08 4 Madrigals, Op. 36: No. 1. Lustwins wijsa (Lustwin's
01:50 $ 0.18 USD
  Composer: Lundvik, Hildor, Lagerkvist, Par
  Som ett blommande mandeltrad (Like an almond tree in bloom)
09 Som ett blommande mandeltrad (Like an Almond Tree in Flower) 01:56 $ 0.19 USD
  Composer: Josephson, Jacob Axel
10 Serenad (Serenade) 01:45 $ 0.18 USD
  Composer: Jacobsen, Jens Peter, Stenhammar, Wilhelm
  3 Korvisor till dikter av J.P. Jacobsen 05:49
11 No. 1. September 02:02 $ 0.20 USD
12 No. 2. I seraillets have (In the Seraglio Garden) 02:26 $ 0.24 USD
13 No. 3. Havde jeg, o havde jeg en datterso, o ja! (If Only I
Had a Grandson, Oh!)
01:21 $ 0.14 USD
  Composer: Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm, Elmblad, Sigrid
14 Stamning (Mood) 02:20 $ 0.23 USD
  Composer: Traditional, Alfvén, Hugo
  Tjuv och tjuv det skall du heta (arr. H. Alfven)
15 Tjuv och tjuv det skall du heta (Thief and Thief that will
be Your Name) (arr. H. Alfven)
01:28 $ 0.15 USD
  Composer: Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm
16 Danslek ur Ran (Dance Game from Ran) 02:49 $ 0.28 USD
  Composer: Söderlundh, Lille Bror, Gullberg, Hjalmar
17 For vilsna fotter sjunger graset (Astray) 01:51 $ 0.19 USD
  Composer: Wikander, David, Froding, Gustaf
  Kung Liljekonvalje (King Lily of the Valley)
18 Kung Liljekonvalije av dungen (King Lily of the Valley) 03:49 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Johanson, Sven-Eric
19 Psaltare och lyra: Snabbt jagar stormen vara ar (The Storms
of Life)
02:39 $ 0.27 USD
  Composer: Bergman, Bo, Malmfors, Ake
20 Mansken (Moonlight) 03:14 $ 0.32 USD
  Composer: Jacobsen, Jens Peter, Welhaven, I.S.C., Nyblom, Helena, Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm, Bjornson, Bjornstjerne
  8 Songs, Op. 11
21 8 korvisor (8 Choral Songs), Op. 11: No. 8. Dans, ropte
Felen (Dance called the Fiddle)
01:14 $ 0.12 USD
  Composer: Heidenstam, Verner von, Lindberg, Oskar
22 Stjarntandningen (The Stars Appearing) 02:34 $ 0.26 USD
  Composer: Levertin, Oscar, Lindberg, Oskar
23 Pingst (At Whitsuntide) 02:10 $ 0.22 USD
  Album total 49:49
ComposerAlfvén, Hugo
Bergman, Bo
Bjornson, Bjornstjerne
Columbus, Samuel
Elmblad, Sigrid
Froding, Gustaf
Gullberg, Hjalmar
Hakanson, Knut
Heidenstam, Verner von
Jacobsen, Jens Peter
Johanson, Sven-Eric
Josephson, Jacob Axel
Kleen, Emil
Lagerkvist, Par
Levertin, Oscar
Lindberg, Oskar
Lindblad, Adolf Fredrik
Lundvik, Hildor
Malmfors, Ake
Nyblom, Helena
Peterson-Berger, Wilhelm
Stenhammar, Wilhelm
Söderlundh, Lille Bror
Welhaven, I.S.C.
Wennerberg, Gunnar
Wikander, David
ChoirOrebro Chamber Choir
ConductorSjoberg, Fred
ProducerAlving, Bertil

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