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Erno Kallai Kiss, Jr. Gypsy Band: Hungarian Evergreens

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$ 8.83
  Composer: Nyari, Rudolf, Somogyvari, Gyula
01 Nem vagyok en csapodar (I am not fickle) 02:07 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
02 Oreg csardas (Old csardas) 01:55 $ 0.35 USD
  Composer: Molnar, Kalman Papai, Csampai, Ivo, Gondor, Jozsef, Ludwig, Jozsef
03 Csillaghullas ejszakajan (At the Night of Shooting Stars) -
Hullamzik a buzatenger (The Wheat-Field is Waving)
04:02 $ 0.73 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Balazs, Arpad, Antal, Ivan
04 Kantinosme, angyalom (Mrs. Innkeeper, My Angel) - Nem akar
az okorcsorda legelni (The Herd of Oxen Does Not Want to
01:59 $ 0.36 USD
  Composer: Erdelyi, Mihaly
05 Jossz te meg az en utcamba (You Will Come to my Street) 01:51 $ 0.33 USD
  Composer: Fenyes, Szabolcs, Mihaly, Istvan
06 Odavagyok magaert (I am Crazy About You) 03:13 $ 0.58 USD
  Composer: Nadas, Gabor, Kalmar, Tibor
07 Jo lenne szazhusz evig elni (It Would be Great to Live Until
the Age of 120)
03:16 $ 0.59 USD
  Composer: Sandor, Jeno, Racz, Bela, Sallay, Misi
08 Azt beszelik tefeloled (They Say About You) - Talan majd egy
napon (Perhaps, One Day)
04:34 $ 0.82 USD
  Composer: Anonymous, Kutor, Ferenc
09 Zold erdoben jartam (I Have Been to a Green Forest) -
Lanyok, lanyok, simongati lanyok (Girls, Girls, Simongat
01:50 $ 0.33 USD
  Composer: Warshawsky, Mark Markovich
10 A tuzhelynel (At the Stove) 03:31 $ 0.63 USD
  Composer: Dinicu, Grigoras
11 Roman hora (Rumanian Hora) 02:55 $ 0.53 USD
  Composer: Gergelyffy, Gabor, Kalmar, Tibor
12 Ne mondja senkinek (Do Not Tell it to Anyone) - Kicsi
napsugaram (My Little Sunshine)
04:10 $ 0.75 USD
  Composer: Zsakai, Ferenc, Nyiry, Erzsi
13 Ha en egyszer szerelmes lehetnek (If I Could Be in Love
01:33 $ 0.28 USD
  Composer: Doczy, Jozsef
14 Nadfedeles kis hazikom (My Thatched Little Lodge) 00:59 $ 0.18 USD
  Composer: Buday, Denes, Eisemann, Mihaly, Huizly, Imre, Szilagyi, Laszlo
15 Orgonavirag - Holdas ej a Dunan (Moonlight over the Danube) 04:01 $ 0.72 USD
  Composer: Fenyes, Szabolcs
16 Ha mar a nyar nem hoz uj csodat (If Summer Does Not Bring
Any Wonder)
03:27 $ 0.62 USD
  Composer: Danko, Pista, Anonymous
17 Jegenyefan feszket rak a csoka (The Jackdaw Nests on the
Poplar) - Gyertek ide, budapesti ciganyok (Come Here,
Budapest Gypsies)
02:14 $ 0.40 USD
  Composer: Kubanyi, Gyorgy, Szavozd, Richard
18 Aki a szerelmet tagadni meri (Whoever Dares to Deny Love) 01:25 $ 0.26 USD
  Album total 49:02
Antal, Ivan
Balazs, Arpad
Buday, Denes
Csampai, Ivo
Danko, Pista
Dinicu, Grigoras
Doczy, Jozsef
Eisemann, Mihaly
Erdelyi, Mihaly
Fenyes, Szabolcs
Gergelyffy, Gabor
Gondor, Jozsef
Huizly, Imre
Kalmar, Tibor
Kubanyi, Gyorgy
Kutor, Ferenc
Ludwig, Jozsef
Mihaly, Istvan
Molnar, Kalman Papai
Nadas, Gabor
Nyari, Rudolf
Nyiry, Erzsi
Racz, Bela
Sallay, Misi
Sandor, Jeno
Somogyvari, Gyula
Szavozd, Richard
Szilagyi, Laszlo
Warshawsky, Mark Markovich
Zsakai, Ferenc
ClarinetKiss, Erno Kallai, Sr.
EnsembleErno Kallai Kiss, Jr. Gypsy Band

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