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Hungarian Songs and Csardases

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$ 12.32
  Composer: Racz, Laci
01 Ordogh csardas (Ordogh's Csardas) 01:04 $ 0.19 USD
  Composer: Borzo, Miska
  Andalgo es Friss (Dreamy and Fast) 11:20
02 Andalgo es Friss (Dreamy and Fast) 03:39 $ 0.66 USD
  Composer: Racz, Laci
03 Nota (Song) 02:06 $ 0.38 USD
  Composer: Racz, Laci
04 Csardas 01:13 $ 0.22 USD
  Composer: Racz, Laci
05 Koncert friss (Concert Fast) 01:11 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Berki, Laszlo
  Andalgo es Friss (Dreamy and Fast) 11:20
06 Andalgo es friss (Dreamy and Fast) 07:41 $ 1.38 USD
  Composer: Rosner, Henry, Santa, Jr., Ferenc
  Valse Polonaise (arr. F. Santa, Jr.)
07 Valse Polonaise (arr. for gypsy band) 03:16 $ 0.59 USD
  Composer: Sas, Naci
08 Nem erdemes sirni (It's not worth crying) 02:21 $ 0.42 USD
  Composer: Frater, Lorand, Feher, Jeno
  Tele van a babos kendom (My spotty shawl is full) (arr. J. Feher)
09 Tele van a babos kendom (My spotty shawl is full) 01:11 $ 0.21 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
10 Klarinet csardas (Clarinet csardas) 02:12 $ 0.40 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
11 Miert asszonyom (Pourquoi Madame) 04:52 $ 0.88 USD
  Composer: Kreisler, Fritz, Farkas, Gyula
12 Liebesfreud (Szerelmi orom) (arr. for gypsy band) 03:14 $ 0.58 USD
  Composer: Karpat, Zoltan, Szepessy, L.
  Ne tudja meg (You should not know) (arr. L. Szepessy)
13 Ne tudja meg (You should not know) 02:01 $ 0.36 USD
  Composer: Ormai, Lipot, Bodrogi, Zsigmond
  Dicsertessek, szol a szegeny (Greetings, says the poor man) (arr. Z. Bodrogi)
14 Dicsertessek, szol a szegeny (Greetings, says the poor man) 02:04 $ 0.37 USD
  Composer: Czobor, Karoly, Nador, Joska
15 Elment a rozsam (My love is gone) 00:53 $ 0.16 USD
  Composer: Mursi, Elek
16 Kocsmarosne hozzon bort (Mrs. innkeeper, bring some wine) 00:58 $ 0.17 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
17 Duvos csardas 00:52 $ 0.16 USD
  Composer: Buday, Bela, Santa, Jr., Ferenc
  Cigany fantazia (Gypsy Fantasy) (arr. F. Santa, Jr.)
18 Cigany fantazia (Gypsy Fantasy) 05:10 $ 0.93 USD
  Composer: Kreisler, Fritz, Farkas, Gyula
  Szerelmes dal (Liebeslied) (arr. G. Farkas)
19 Szerelmes dal (Liebeslied) (arr. for gypsy band) 03:11 $ 0.57 USD
  Composer: Santa, Jr., Ferenc, Jaroka, Sandor, Sr.
  Tancolo ujjak (Dancing Fingers) (arr. F. Santa, Jr.)
20 Tancolo ujjak (Dancing Fingers) 02:42 $ 0.49 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
21 Oreg nota (Old Song) 01:52 $ 0.34 USD
  Composer: Szentirmay, Elemer
22 A legeny egytol egyig (Each Lad) 01:03 $ 0.19 USD
  Composer: Harmath, E., Budai, Denes
  Este gyere (Come at night) (arr. E. Harmath)
23 Este gyere (Come at night) 00:43 $ 0.13 USD
  Composer: Murgacs, Kalman
24 Jegenyefak (Poplars) 00:34 $ 0.10 USD
  Composer: Anonymous
25 Friss (Fast) 00:28 $ 0.08 USD
  Composer: Farkas, Gyula, Not Applicable, na
  Csardas rapszodia (Csardas Rhapsody)
26 Csardas Rhapsody 06:25 $ 1.16 USD
  Composer: Hubay, Jeno
  Scenes de la Csarda No. 5, Op. 33, "Hullamzo Balaton"
(Choppy Balaton) (arr. for violin and gypsy band)
27 Scenes de la Csarda, Op. 33: No. 5. On the Gentle Waves of
Balaton Lake
05:29 $ 0.99 USD
  Album total 68:25
Berki, Laszlo
Bodrogi, Zsigmond
Borzo, Miska
Budai, Denes
Buday, Bela
Czobor, Karoly
Farkas, Gyula
Feher, Jeno
Frater, Lorand
Harmath, E.
Hubay, Jeno
Jaroka, Sandor, Sr.
Karpat, Zoltan
Kreisler, Fritz
Murgacs, Kalman
Mursi, Elek
Nador, Joska
Not Applicable, na
Ormai, Lipot
Racz, Laci
Rosner, Henry
Santa, Jr., Ferenc
Sas, Naci
Szentirmay, Elemer
Szepessy, L.
EnsembleFerenc Santa Jr. Gypsy Band
CimbalomBerkes, Jozsef

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